When we started designing our Dog Shammy Dog Dryers, we talked to other dog owners and to groomers. Why? Because while we know our products and how they will work, we desired the input of other dog owners and groomers interested in having the best dryer for their use. With their input, we were able to provide features and benefits that translate into a better experience for the groomers and the dogs. Our exclusive design of a foot pedal control frees up both your hands – you control the dryer with your foot – almost like driving a car. Our variable speed dog dryer sets a new standard in the grooming industry for value. Our design team was given this directive: Design an affordable variable speed dog dryer without sacrificing quality, durability or cost. There is no better value in the dog dryer market than our $199.77 variable speed dryer. Compare this value to other dryers going for up to $400 for a variable speed. And All Dog Shammy Dryers have FREE shipping and No Handling Charges (to continental USA).

Powerful Dog Drying

A dryer should have sufficient power to dry fur. Our Dog Shammy dryers will dry most dogs within a reasonable amount of time (a Newfy always seems to take forever!). Our variable speed dryers offer from powerful drying setting to light drying for fluffing.

Quiet Dog Drying

A dryer should be quiet – at least as quiet as engineering will permit. Some dryers simply ignore noise reduction because of cost or engineering time. At Dog Shammy, we believe in designing and manufacturing the quietest dog dryer possible. Dogs are nervous enough getting a bath, sitting in a cage and being away from home – we use our extensive noise-reduction experience in other industries to be sure that the Dog Shammy dog dryers are the quietest possible dryer made.

Warm Air Dog Drying

A dryer should have warm air – not hot -so as to dry the coat from the inside out. Some dryers put off way too much heat – even heating up the grooming shop or area. Our dryers emit about 20-25F warmer temperature than the air it takes in. In our tests, this is perfect for drying the coat without drying out the skin and heating up the grooming area.

Factory Direct Dog Dryers by Dog Shammy

Why do the Dog Shammy Dog Dryers Sell for 40 to 50% less than other  dryers? There is one simple answer to this: WE SELL DIRECT. You save the mark-up profit that the retailer or on-line retailer would get. Smart shoppers today utilize the web to research their products of interest. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA If it doesn’t say “Made in USA” – it’s not.


Our Patent-Pending Innovation for the grooming industry, Smoothcoat Technology™ reduces drying time, which means less stress on your dog if you are a home groomer and more productivity if you are a professional groomer. Additionally, our technology results in a smoother coat and assists in de-matting. Smoothcoat Technology™ breaks water molecule clusters into micro particles that both penetrate the follicles of the coat and evaporate much faster.
For All Dual motor professional dryers, there are two Smoothcoat Technology™ devices – one on each motor.